♥ terbang..

January 15, 2012
saya akan terbang ke bdo, hari ini! will be away for 3 hari only.. finally.. i dunno if i go crazy shopping but rasa lebih crazy being somewhere outside from malaysia, my second trip to indonesia this year after medan/lake toba in april.. 🙂 and i can be crazy not having the roaming as well, previously using prepaid, can still sms but expensive..

butterlyminii dont have any list, but gonna buy stuff as i see it there.. oh wanna buy mags lah, cosmopolitan edisi indonesia ke ape2, last time lupaaaa… 🙂


some updates from us!

August 6, 2011
Alhamdulillah, i just wanna tell u guys that i never believe when people said about their feeling just after they got married, how they feel soo relieved, no burden anymore, insanely happy.. now i am, pls believe me u guys, being married is almost surreal, like the beginning of everything, its like a brand new you, brand new partner, brand new relationship, brand new direction, brand new future, brand new everything.. mine? fantastic! surprisingly i can just close my eyes for some glitches, technical error & stuff that happened during my wedding, let it go, thats what u should do, my advise so far.. bersihkan hati, kegembiraan akan terpancar automatically.. orait, bear with me guys, be right back.. in the mean time just enjoy pics from the link as below 🙂 love it to the max, nanti yanie hana & all kalau ada update, drop me ur link? muah..

haha, dan type ni aritu tapi tak publish, sorry.. be right back, soon.. love, nurul & adlie, haha.. geli jek!

bedroom for two..

July 26, 2011
bedroom for two memang 100% minimalist concept, not what i initially planned for, serious u know i wanted white, i wanted soft pastel lovely color and deco sweet2.. but suddenly ala ala gothic pulak? hehe.. anyhow i love the simple deco to the max, tak berapa typical bedroom for pengantin or i can say mcm bilik biasa je but i love it anyway.. 🙂 ill share the prop used.. serious to the minimum u can ever think of.. maybe not even a single flower pun akan wujud except for petals.. some more i dont have so much pressure to deco cos recep will be held at dewan so those who are close to me yang akan tgk bilik, and 1 more i need SPACE to accomodate my besties semua and not to feel so congested.. mahu ruang untuk bertenag.. whoah! another 4 days to go.. berdebar!

butterlymini auto-publish..

pre-wed #7

July 18, 2011
you’re my shooting star because everything i’ve ever wished for is everything you are – unknown

butterlymini till then 🙂

pre-wed pic #6

July 16, 2011
you are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean and the beat in my heart – unknown

butterlymini till then 🙂

pre-wed pic #5

July 16, 2011
“i love you not only for who you are, but for who i am when i am with you!

butterlymini till then 🙂

pre-wed pic #3

July 14, 2011
in you i find the completion of me and the wonder of us

butterlymini till then 🙂

pre-wed pic #2

July 13, 2011
if you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it. – andy rooney

butterlymini till then.. 🙂

announcement on wedding guestbook

October 25, 2010
just to let you guys know that im not gonna take anymore orders after this for wedding guestbook, cos of few probs coming from the vendor, the most recent books delivered to me was quite low in quality, surprisingly i dont have much prob settling the earlier orders, its seriously unacceptable and knowing myself i couldnt let my customer have it as a final product, not on their wedding day plus there were sudden price increment just after few weeks doing it, so at this moment im gonna work on existing order only if we can get it done according to my expectation, and i really need to sort out with the vendor and i guess until i found other vendor that can deliver i will then open again for order. i really apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate event.

yaya kawin lagi?

October 18, 2010
hehe, kan ni majlis tandang. beautiful yaya!!

couldnt make it still, to her majlis tandang as known as nizam’s reception in muadzam shah, cos i have to prepare & attend dasein convocation on saturday, sob sob! yaya telah mms this picture to all of us soulsister but haha, hp saya ialah paling cokia (org sume dah pki bb and iphone kot, haha) since dah masuk mesin tu i just use el-cheapo nokia yg harga dia 100myr tu, haha surely lah takleh receive mms, then maxis keep updating me for 3 days ada mms coming in tapi takleh view and i dont even know from who, but dah agak could be yaya then, hehe, then just now maxis bg queue boleh tengok kat website maxis, heeee, sumpah sorry yaya, tapi aku dah tgk dah ni jangan risau walaupun lambat.

eh untung tau jadi nizam, santek adik kak long ni, eh? the dress is simple as in less is more, but seri pengantin ada so terjadilah si beautiful yaya, hehe, eh i pun first time tau tgk dress ni, cantik! oh my nawal, lynda & yaya miss u guys, soo sorry im not soo everywhere nowadays sebab busy with student convo’s and stuff but i always miss u guys sooo much, muahh! im coming to east coast (ckp balik kampung sudah, hehe) kuantan in december, yaya mari bercanda di pasiran pantai, mahu?