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September 29, 2010
coming soon. hehe.

butterlymini sibuk je minah salleh belakang tu nak menempel. HAHA.


package for krabi honeymoon

August 31, 2010
ini package yang kitorang amik masa pegi krabi. i buat presentation special interactive with picture. haha. on the real stories during our krabi honeymoon will be updated later. ini special entry memandangkan matta fair bakal tiba minggu ini. kan? okay we went to krabi for our honeymoon and many are asking so i just write this for u. this is on how we booked, what was the activities, hows the hotel and stuff literally.

we secured tickets last year with air asia zero fare and follows by a search for ground package. we went to matta earlier this year, refer to this entry not knowing what to expect, i think ashylla once mentioned there is thai tourism board, so we went all hall searching for it, but at first hall offers was tempting. really. around 350+ u can get hotel/activities for 3D2N, most of package is 3D2N, we wanted 4D3N, some can tailor to our preference, some are not. but just to remind all of this are agents. all of them. im not sure hows the layout of coming matta. but the first hall we entered last time was all agents and krabi package was everywhere. but dont settle down so fast. ull have alot of choices just check around dulu. and preferably move to international hall.

then we went to international hall then got agents as well. then terus ingat takde krabi punya booth ke. then jalan2 rupanya bit belakang. so masa tu banyak hotel under krabi tourism board booth. those i can remember ialah sunda resort (zara stayed here during her honeymoon) la playa (aurinh stayed here) the small (sis hotel of la playa) aonang princeville (sabby stayed here), somkiet buri, banyaklah so u have choice. a lot. and we went to each hotel and dapatkan infos. then masa tu compare2 yang mahal was la playa & the small and sheraton if im not mistaken. paling mahal among all la. but i dunno if its too mahal. so we went to somkiet buri and princeville then the package mcm tak berapa nice. cos masa tu they just offer 3D2N and no package for 4D3N and by taking 3D2N package they ask us to add 1 additional night. pening mcm tu.

then move sebelah ada agent. aonang travel & tour co ltd. dekat booth dia kitorang borak2 then ada package. which is quite nice sebab dia mmg buat 3D2N & 4D3N terus with activities per day. and hotel they offered was aonang princeville and somkiet buri. and lil bit diff from what other hotel offer to us masa tu. so we settle down with this package with this hotel.

so heres the package:-

halal package krabi thailand 4D3N

[price of 560 RM/ pax include everything published in this entry]

day 1 (1st day):

pick-up from airport
with hotel shuttle jalan2 krabi town on the way to hotel
check-in hotel (welcome drink & scented wet towel)
room for two (honeymoon arrangement)
*follow by free & easy at own cost

day 2:

breakfast 1 day tour phi phi by speed boat, bamboo island, phi phi, maya bay & viking cave. snorkelling, swimming & beach activities

lunch provided at phi phi island.
room for two

*follow by free & easy at own cost.

day 3:


1 day tour 4 island trip by speed boat( chicken island, tub & poda island, phranang cave) or 1 day tour kayaking at ao-thane with lunch provided.
room for two.

*follow by free & easy at own cost

day 4 (last day):

transfer by hotel shuttle to airport for departure
lil bit of aonang princeville. 1st thing first hotel ini ialah muslim owned hotel so ia adalah HALAL so no worries on food and drinks. aonang priceville located in the middle of aonang street. infront of aonang beach. it was so convenient for us and for everyone who stays there. jalan keluar from hotel u can just turn left or right for immediate shopping booth. kedai2 jual souvenir just depan tu je. keluar simpang aonang princeville. 1 min walk from hotel lobby. tho it is so nearby with kedai and stuff the best thing is aonang priceville belakang dia hutan. and reception and restaurant sebelah je hutan. so ull feel both environment. hutan and chaos.

aonang princeville they have in-house spa which is recommended. swimming pool bersih and quite big considering tak ramai org. front office staff, restaurant stuff, spa staff and housekeeping stuff in short hotel staff sume baik baik belaka. very warm and always ask if u need anything and such. co-ordination between hotel and tour co who handle for island tour also good. they pick us at hotel lobby. send u back to hotel. i would say this hotel is highly recommend aonang princeville for those who plan to vist krabi for honeymoon. and if ure lucky. i guess everyone insya Allah will get the same. they will upgrade u & spouse to honeymoon suite. the price that we paid was actually for superior room only. in which i bodek the agent to give us grand deluxe which quite big juga and masa sampai suprised sgt when they upgrade us to honeymoon suite. ill write more in honeymoon entry. too many things. hehe. till then.

[my package: price: 560 RM/pax (1 March – 31 October)]
price 850 RM/pax (1 Nov – 19 Dec, 11 Jan – 31 March)
price 900 RM/pax ( 20 December – 10 January)

butterlymini bargain all u can during low season 😉

berbulan madu di awan biru!

August 3, 2010
from to
one word, excited!
butterlymini artwork credit to dasein student..

honeymoon destination

July 24, 2010
cerita pasal honeymoon, masa study dulu saya sangat fanatic when it comes to reality tv series mcm survivor, amazing race, america’s next top model, segala series tu lah, and one of my favourite is TARA, the amazing race asia season 1, the first season kan yg menang team from malaysia, jo jer and zab! and specifically dalam tara 1 masa leg 8 race took place dekat thailand, guess kat mana… KRABI.. haha anyone dedulu watching tara 1 as well? masa tu 2006, ingat lagi tak? i remember krabi sooo much from leg 8, mmg cantik (tapi tv punya version la, youtube ni sangat buruk, tak tahu kenapa) mmg amazing and it was like love at first sight.. here episodes from leg 8..

ada chicken island and long tail boat..

ramai blogger yang dah pergi with soo much review on it. sabby, zara, and ada lagi, cant remember. thanks for the information. 🙂 and tq to cheap & chic airlines ♥air asia..

butterlymini lovely!