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some updates from us!

August 6, 2011
Alhamdulillah, i just wanna tell u guys that i never believe when people said about their feeling just after they got married, how they feel soo relieved, no burden anymore, insanely happy.. now i am, pls believe me u guys, being married is almost surreal, like the beginning of everything, its like a brand new you, brand new partner, brand new relationship, brand new direction, brand new future, brand new everything.. mine? fantastic! surprisingly i can just close my eyes for some glitches, technical error & stuff that happened during my wedding, let it go, thats what u should do, my advise so far.. bersihkan hati, kegembiraan akan terpancar automatically.. orait, bear with me guys, be right back.. in the mean time just enjoy pics from the link as below 🙂 love it to the max, nanti yanie hana & all kalau ada update, drop me ur link? muah..

haha, dan type ni aritu tapi tak publish, sorry.. be right back, soon.. love, nurul & adlie, haha.. geli jek!