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โ™ฅ terbang..

January 15, 2012
saya akan terbang ke bdo, hari ini! will be away for 3 hari only.. finally.. i dunno if i go crazy shopping but rasa lebih crazy being somewhere outside from malaysia, my second trip to indonesia this year after medan/lake toba in april.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and i can be crazy not having the roaming as well, previously using prepaid, can still sms but expensive..

butterlyminii dont have any list, but gonna buy stuff as i see it there.. oh wanna buy mags lah, cosmopolitan edisi indonesia ke ape2, last time lupaaaa… ๐Ÿ™‚


some updates from us!

August 6, 2011
Alhamdulillah, i just wanna tell u guys that i never believe when people said about their feeling just after they got married, how they feel soo relieved, no burden anymore, insanely happy.. now i am, pls believe me u guys, being married is almost surreal, like the beginning of everything, its like a brand new you, brand new partner, brand new relationship, brand new direction, brand new future, brand new everything.. mine? fantastic! surprisingly i can just close my eyes for some glitches, technical error & stuff that happened during my wedding, let it go, thats what u should do, my advise so far.. bersihkan hati, kegembiraan akan terpancar automatically.. orait, bear with me guys, be right back.. in the mean time just enjoy pics from the link as below ๐Ÿ™‚ love it to the max, nanti yanie hana & all kalau ada update, drop me ur link? muah..

haha, dan type ni aritu tapi tak publish, sorry.. be right back, soon.. love, nurul & adlie, haha.. geli jek!

bedroom for two..

July 26, 2011
bedroom for two memang 100% minimalist concept, not what i initially planned for, serious u know i wanted white, i wanted soft pastel lovely color and deco sweet2.. but suddenly ala ala gothic pulak? hehe.. anyhow i love the simple deco to the max, tak berapa typical bedroom for pengantin or i can say mcm bilik biasa je but i love it anyway.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ill share the prop used.. serious to the minimum u can ever think of.. maybe not even a single flower pun akan wujud except for petals.. some more i dont have so much pressure to deco cos recep will be held at dewan so those who are close to me yang akan tgk bilik, and 1 more i need SPACE to accomodate my besties semua and not to feel so congested.. mahu ruang untuk bertenag.. whoah! another 4 days to go.. berdebar!

butterlymini auto-publish..

pre-wed #7

July 18, 2011
you’re my shooting star because everything i’ve ever wished for is everything you are – unknown

butterlymini till then ๐Ÿ™‚

announcement on wedding guestbook

October 25, 2010
just to let you guys know that im not gonna take anymore orders after this for wedding guestbook, cos of few probs coming from the vendor, the most recent books delivered to me was quite low in quality, surprisingly i dont have much prob settling the earlier orders, its seriously unacceptable and knowing myself i couldnt let my customer have it as a final product, not on their wedding day plus there were sudden price increment just after few weeks doing it, so at this moment im gonna work on existing order only if we can get it done according to my expectation, and i really need to sort out with the vendor and i guess until i found other vendor that can deliver i will then open again for order. i really apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate event.

yaya kawin lagi?

October 18, 2010
hehe, kan ni majlis tandang. beautiful yaya!!

couldnt make it still, to her majlis tandang as known as nizam’s reception in muadzam shah, cos i have to prepare & attend dasein convocation on saturday, sob sob! yaya telah mms this picture to all of us soulsister but haha, hp saya ialah paling cokia (org sume dah pki bb and iphone kot, haha) since dah masuk mesin tu i just use el-cheapo nokia yg harga dia 100myr tu, haha surely lah takleh receive mms, then maxis keep updating me for 3 days ada mms coming in tapi takleh view and i dont even know from who, but dah agak could be yaya then, hehe, then just now maxis bg queue boleh tengok kat website maxis, heeee, sumpah sorry yaya, tapi aku dah tgk dah ni jangan risau walaupun lambat.

eh untung tau jadi nizam, santek adik kak long ni, eh? the dress is simple as in less is more, but seri pengantin ada so terjadilah si beautiful yaya, hehe, eh i pun first time tau tgk dress ni, cantik! oh my nawal, lynda & yaya miss u guys, soo sorry im not soo everywhere nowadays sebab busy with student convo’s and stuff but i always miss u guys sooo much, muahh! im coming to east coast (ckp balik kampung sudah, hehe) kuantan in december, yaya mari bercanda di pasiran pantai, mahu?

shopping gaya wholesale in bangkok

October 15, 2010
in bangkok we stayed at prince palace hotel, not halal hotel, near chinatown, such a super duper HUGE hotel, ada 4 tower A, B, C & D, sampai cab bring us back to the other lobby sampai tak percaya adakah ini hotel kitorang, haha, okay will write more later, and bawah hotel ada wholesale stall open from 2am or 3 am in the morning until 830 am tutup, ala ala downtown, tak tido gamaknya org kat bangkok, sumpah cheap2 wei, u can get blouse, cardigan, yoga pants from RM10-15 in which kat Malaysia jual atleast RM35 and above for 1 piece.

quality wise bagus, takde la sebab cheap quality pun cheapskate, tapi dengan syarat kene beli borong, and their borong style is buy 3 pieces and u get borong price, and not necessary the same item, as long as harga sama, so i bought from there yoga pant aladin style, sangat suka kat kl (wangsa walk) jual 35myr, bangkok 140baht/14myr je, gila okay murah, 2 for me 1 for jedah. and ada yoga pant yang loose tu, ada yg aladin tp cekak dia panjang, ada yg boleh ikat. mcm2 la.

buy 1 at 17myr, 3 at 15myr each

then i bought cardigan myr12, cheap gila, steal okay! ada satu stall ni i beli cardigan nipis, at 90baht/9myr, percayalah 9myr je, haha. i pernah tgk blogshop jual the same atleast 25myr, just a comparison how cheap it was in bangkok, sorry first time here, hehe, okay done, the rest are okay kalau nak beli but i donโ€™t have much time, even bawah hotel masa tak cukup and ofcos kat sana i see huge business opportunity, if u bring back all those stuff, mmg boleh buat duit gila gila.


buy 1 at 15myr, 3 at 12myr each

lepas tu balik hotel, konon puas ati dah, tapi tidak sama sekali, haha, and i went down the hotel again at 930, haha tak puas hati rasa nak bl lagi, duit still ada sikit lagi, and we gonna check out from hotel at 11am, tapi stall sume dah tutup, sob sob, so i went in this 1 building, belakang hotel, dia mcm GM plaza dekat chow kit tu, sume jual borong but dalam mall. mcm2 la, not baju2 only.


buy 1 at 15myr, 3 at 12myr each


buy 1 at 15myr, 3 at 12myr each

kat dalam mall ni i just beli 1 blouse, white cotton blouse for RM17 sebab beli 1 je but still bargain here in kl kat wangsa walk specifically they sell it 49myr, same design! masalahnya tak sempat, nak cari baju yg murah & cantik requires lots of time, yelah murah2 pun tak semua lawa, kul 1030 baru nak naik hotel, dah la tak mandi lagi, beg br halfway kemas, kul 11 nak check out, haha. from kl i backpack, 2 backpack, 1 empty (haha) sebab nak letak brg shopping then 1 backpack lg half penuh, bila balik penuh tak ingat sampai dah takleh nak zip, haha, and berat. and for all those stuff takde la spent byk sgt. sb brg murah thats why.

and memang selamat jalan seorang2, selamat sangat2 cos i went down jalan2 tu seorang diri je, takde sape nak kacau or look at u lain mcm, mmg banyak masa jalan seorang, every morning i turun gelap2 at 6am to get milo from 7-eleven okay je, and naik cab pun okay sgt kalau seorang, and ppl there mostly kalau jualan will approach using bahasa siam, ada yg tak boleh speak english pun, so just guna calculator je la, tekan harga and bargain.

barang2 vintage yang super lawa sila pergi chatuchak, heaven, they have this 1 row of shop jual vintage2 stuff, gila best, ada kasut vintage tu, malas nak cite la, haha mmg cheap. make sure u have 1 whole day jalan chatuchak, i aritu 4 jam je, sad!

all these pics bawah hotel je, mana2 yang i sempat tanya harga & ada yang i beli, kat chatuchak lagi heaven, cardigan mcm jual ikan je, dah la lawa2 clean cut mcm dalam gossipgirl tu diorang letak2 atas canvas atas jalan tar, and cheap (again and again) cuma kat chatuchak camera i finish, habis bateri, and serius kat bangkok tak bother nak amik gambar, haha nampak sgt dah gila. and over there i bought mostly cardigan la, sebab mmg i have soft spot for cardi.yay!

butterlymini selama ni asik saving je for kawin purpose kan.

floating market in bangkok

October 14, 2010

this particular floating market is not really in bangkok, its actually 1 & half hour from bangkok city, we traveled there using 1 petite bus (later we complained cos too small) and 1 van. and plus mcm tak best sebab asing2. sampai2 dia tak bawa directly to floating market, they bring us to this 1 jetty, 20 minutes naik sampan berenjin heading to floating market, omg takut okay sebab boat banyak sangat, and air berombak2 even its just a river.and takde life jacket, every time ada boat pass by heading diff direction mmg takut gila, haha mati lah aku lemas dalam sungai yang kotor ni, geli! on the way tu we passed by hutan then perkampungan nelayan kot (pandai pandai je, haha) and nampak la daily diorang cuci pinggan, buat keje rumah, all by the river. dalam 20 minit naik boat dah sampai floating market. then in my mind oh ini floating market, haha, boleh tahan besarla, and terus jalan pegi paddle boat area sebab nak naik sampan tour floating market, sangat super best, sebab tetepi ada jualan tho it wasnโ€™t as pretty as i imagine, haha, cos i imagine yg traditional floating market. ada jual2 bunga cantik2, eh? hahadah naik tu dia pesan donโ€™t ever pegang the side of sampan, donโ€™t ever sebab sungai tak begitu besar so nanti akan side by side with 2 3 sampan so berlanggar side and akan terkepit tangan, but i cant help but nak terpegang sebab sampan mcm nak terbalik je (perasan lebih) haha. kalau tersepit habisla jari wei. patah kot. and this is when i bought mango sticky rice yg sedap tu and air kelapa, i naik sampan with lyn & kok chun, 3 of us je, sebab yang lain2 ada yang tak nak naik plus nak naik dengan geng masing, both of them bought hot dog i think pork kot, hehe, then kok chun beli fridge magnet yang super mahal, 1piece at 200baht/20myr, haha that expensive it can be sebab exclusively sold on floating market kan, tawar2 dapat 100baht/10myr, padahal kat atas boleh beli 3 pieces at 100baht/10myr, haha, its okay take it as experience buying it on floating market.then sampan tu akan tour floating market, yang banyak sampan pun at the main street, yang belah belakang mostly kedai atas tebing sungai tu, and very touristy (ada ke perkataan ni, haha, mcm sangat pelancong punya area la) sebab dia salirkan air to few new lorong and build new kedai atas tembok tu, soon siap la. masa lalu tu mmg ada yg tgh construction lagi. harga pun expect tourist price la. boleh beli tapi bargain kene gila2, kalau dia letak mcm fridge magnet tu 20myr seketul tawar la, tapi tawar pun last dia bagi at 10myr seketul, tak berbaloi kan, but its up to u, if u asked me better beli dekat kedai kat atas2 tu, mcm flea market u boleh jalan2 or kat bangkok. mcm aati said ingat tau. tok guru i pasal bangkok. haha. jangan beli except makanan.

price untuk naik sampan ni 10myr/100baht, worth every penny! jalan2 naik sampan almost half hour jugak, slowly la, if u singgah2 tgk mcm2 brg dalam sampan lagi lama la for us takde singgah sgt just beli makanan and fridge magnet je. just nak experience.

butterlymini mmg ada typo, nanti i check ๐Ÿ˜‰

dunkin’ donuts in bangkok

October 12, 2010

murah, iced mocha kat sini yang 6.90myr sana cuma 3.90myr, 4 ketul donuts and iced mocha ialah myr12.90 and this is suvarnabhumi airport price, banyak design donut yang cute cute! yes ada ham, jadi sila janganlah makan, melihat org makan tidak mengapa. jangan paksa diri. haha.

on a temp break from wedding stuff for a while, haha, will resume soon cos banyak lagi belum cover for sharing purpose kalau ada yang nak share and for my personal record. in the meantime im gonna update much more on bangkok, pattaya & krabi trip. apa2 je yang interesting, nothing in particular.

oh again esok 13/10/2010 air asia ada sale lagi dan lagi, yay! haha, anyone nak beli cheap tics for honeymoon, 2nd honeymoon or babymoon perhaps, jemput grab at 12am tonight.

butterlymini lompat bintang!

berry nikah!

October 9, 2010
alhamdulillah, a super beautiful bride. berry, she’s my bestie during undergrad session, bestie till now, mind u i dont have many friends back then, a friend that i can call as world bestest friend, and shes the one who have been with me from the first time we met till today, we were soo young back then, and now tho we are not seeing each other every other day like last time is not a big prob, we know by heart we gonna stick together forever through thick and thin, there is huge understanding between us, nothing can ruin our relationship, not words not any action by any of us, all that we did for each other is a beautiful thing called LOVE.
soooo happy for you, feels like crying, oh tears of joy, ure such a beautiful bride of shah fariz, selamat pengantin baru berry and shah, i wish u a beautiful journey ahead of both of you. and an advanced happy birthday wish for you? happy birthday!! how lucky to celebrate nikah, reception and birthday 3 days is a row, ure a lucky bride. last but not least, i never have thought that im gonna tied the knot before her, haha, soo funny, knowing that she’s the one who always have the wife-wannabe-traits. wet flying kisses to you, enjoy the day, once in a lifetime!!

butterlymini love you soo much, berry!