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my bridesmaid unofficial photos

September 13, 2010
bridesmaid [ˈbraɪdzˌmeɪd]
a girl or young unmarried woman who attends a bride at her wedding

from left: asha, caybee, aleen & yana (counting intan in) thank you sooo sooo much for this beautiful, permanent moments made in memory by you guys my loved ones!!!!
dear bridesmaid
you have always been there, more than just a friend.
you know just who i am and everywhere i’ve been
you’re the one who i can turn to, any hour of the day
seems, i only have to think of you and you’ll be on your way

no matter where life takes me, no matter where i roam
when I’m with you my friend, my heart feels right at homePhotobucket
so on my wedding day, i will need you more than ever
thank you for all the support that you lend
but mostly i thank you for being my friend
thank you for everything

butterlymini ♥ muahh, may god bless them all!


photoshoot with bridesmaid!

August 18, 2010




heading to tasik titiwangsa shortly after my post nikah indoor photoshoot for a photoshoot with my dear bridesmaid, laurens! yay! know what i left adlie on his own at my house , makan dengan op (sangat rock) while im out with my laurens, haha, ofcos mintak izin, he allowed me to go on with my stuff and i said to him later ill met him again cos we need to pick-up key for our room at quality hotel, so many commitment to be done..

i only have around 1 hour plus to spare sebab got so much to do lepas tu, so we went to tasik titiwangsa, quite near to my house then.. panas, and kerengga masuk kain kb, hihi.. lecak2.. but layan.. and love this to the max!

camera credit to aleen’s nikon & kakak besar’s canon, official photographer elang, co-op jedah and myself and laurens! tq guys this is def for me to remember for the rest of my life, love all of you so much! alhamdulillah, punya teman seperti kamu kamu!
butterlymini who’s next? cant wait..