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Merisik Gallery Online Contest

November 18, 2009
♥ sticky mode until november 18, 2009 ♥
Hi Peeps,

Masih tercari2 penggubah hantaran untuk majlis perkahwinan korang? Atau dah pening tak tahu nak gubah gubahan sendiri? Atau tak cukup budget nak gubahan fresh flowers?

Here the good news!!!!!!!!

We would like to invite all of u to join the contest below which organized by MERISIK GALLERY! yeay!

Hadiahnya berupa :




Cara Penyertaan:

• Jadi FOLLOWER Merisik Gallery di blog Merisik Gallery
• Letakkan banner promosi cuti sekolah ini di side bar blog anda dan link ke entry ini (pastikan anda link blog ini; jika tidak link, bermakna disqualified)

• Jadikan entry ini STICKY POST/MODE sehingga 18 November 2009
• Buat entry mengenai GUBAHAN HANTARAN IDAMAN SAYA dan link kan entry peraduan ini di entry anda
• Nyatakan nama anda, nama pasangan dan tarikh perkahwinan anda
• Pergi ke dan pilih 1 hantaran yang kami pernah buat yang paling anda suka. Kemudian, paste juga gambar dari fotopages kami tersebut di entry anda
• Pastikan tajuk entry anda ialah MERISIK GALLERY ONLINE CONTEST
• Sesudah lengkap semua perkara di atas, tinggalkan komen di Merisik Gallery berserta link ke entry anda untuk dihakimi

Syarat Penyertaan:

• Tarikh perkahwinan anda mestilah antara 20 November 2009 sehingga 31 Disember 2010
• Terbuka kepada bakal2 pengantin
• Entry anda akan diadili oleh team Merisik Gallery dan segala keputusan adalah muktamad
• Jika anda telah terpilih sebagai pemenang, dan gubahan hantaran anda melebihi dari 5 dulang dan anda ingin menambah lagi beberapa dulang, harga istimewa akan diberikan!
• Gubahan sireh junjung tidak termasuk dalam promosi ini
• Jika kami dapati entry anda bukan entry sticky sebelum 18 November 2009, secara automatik anda akan terkeluar dari penyertaan ini
• Penyertaan dibuka dari 26 Oktober 2009 hingga 18 November 2009, jam 11.59pm

Jangan lepaskan peluang ini!!!!!

Nak lagi????

Untuk follower ke 100, sila e-mail untuk menerima hadiah misteri!!!!!!!!

butterlymini i am bride to be and i am soo excited to participate =)


Merisik Gallery Online Contest

November 18, 2009
♥ sticky mode until november 18, 2009 ♥
fresh flower for my wedding dowry has always been my dreams ever since I started all the preparations for my wedding day. Why fresh flower? For me simply because it suits the wedding day scenery also has a very glamour touch. But having a fresh flower for wedding dowry will not always please others especially my father. all the way i always refer to my father pertaining on my wedding preparation (not to mention he is my wedding planner) and for him if possible he wanted my wedding dowry to be decorated using artificial flower, very typical view i believe as he said fresh flower is expensive, perishable and not long lasting. very different from what i think and deep down i always wanted to execute my dream wedding day which include the fresh flower for wedding dowry. I was disappointed to hear that but of course in the end i have to agree with him. And later seeing me not happy with his decision he said that if I have a very solid reason then i am allowed to use fresh flower decoration.

and for quite sometimes i never think about it anymore, knowing that i dont have that ‘solid reason’ until I found out that merisik gallery organizing a contest called merisik gallery online contest . OMG! so excited so excited!! ive been meaning to find a reason why and now this is it. the reason came out of blue. thank you to merisik gallery. and i better win this time, if not i may not have the chance to fulfill my dream, hehe.. imagine hard the moment that i can proudly announce to my father that ive won this contest and yay! i am allowed to use fresh flower..

basically for me myself, there is 5 aspects that is important in realizing ‘gubahan hantaran idaman saya’ which is 1) theme color 2) choice of flower 3) choice of tray 4) choice of ‘alas dulang’ 5) dulang pahar

1) firstly, the theme color for my solemnization ceremony : lilac, lavender and white. but of course i am also open to any other colors that compliment the theme color.

2) being a rose lover i always picture the decoration with blooming purple rose as it look exotic and rare. personally for ‘gubahan hantaran idaman saya’ i choose this trio combination which is purple roses, white baby breath and both flowers to be place on top of green leaves.

3) to be match perfectly with my trio combination i love to have the white wooden tray as it will give a little bit of traditional look.

4) for ‘alas dulang’ i choose to have the silver beaded alas dulang with satin in soft purple color or white color.

5) lastly for dulang pahar, i just need the dulang pahar berkaki because hantaran is consider as ‘adat’ and its proper to have it high a bit from the floor level as ‘pepatah melayu iaitu adat dijunjung’

basically this is ‘gubahan hantaran idaman saya’. a simple one that perfectly present the simplicity policy in me and here is the picture of white wooden tray and silver beaded alas dulang and also dulang pahar berkaki that im longing to have on my wedding day from merisik gallery @merisikgallery fotopages

bride to be : nurulhuda abu bakar

bridegroom to be : adlie mohd ali

date of solemnization ceremony : 31 July 2010

Browsing through the countless decorations from merisik gallery fotopages I fall in love with this collection obviously for their simple yet elegent arrangement! It is so hard for me to choose (i bet other contestant are also having this choosing problems, all the merisik gallery’s collection are equally beautiful and unique in their own way) but im totally going for this deco. cant imagine how happy i am if i win this. even having a simple fresh flower+sirih junjung on my engagement day made me really really happy for the day. this particular collection from merisik gallery is exactly as the picture in my mind. as per picture below, all of u sure gonna notice the trio combination of roses, baby breath and green leaves.
thats all folks, with this tiny little dream of mine i hope i win this and finally become the reason why. insya Allah.

butterlymini dear merisik gallery, quite a long entry, but here i present to you my humble attempt. thank you for organizing such a wonderful contest! to other bride to be, do participate, this is opportunity of a lifetime!!