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♥ perfect timing?

November 10, 2009
free tics anyone? for honeymoon perhaps?😉

update : sudah dapat book, thanks to adlie, despite his tiredness coming back from terengganu and a straight quick visit sending me home afterwork to pass the keropok losong, yang best i reminded him in the car during the journey that after he went to toilet when he reach home sila book cepat, still the line was damn congested, and finally malam around 7+ he asked for my passport number n things, obviously his streamyx line is way better than mine where i almost got gateway timeout all the time.. fuh, we’re going to this place where i can go snorkeling and he can go snoring, happily.. hehe kelakar sungguh, he said this statement ya not me! 🙂 this vacation plan is the most awaited beside our wedding insya Allah kalau semuanya berjalan lancar.. 1 benda sudah boleh tick.. with aa its never to early to book and they are pretty unpredictable so better to grab one while u have the chance..

butterlymini aa being generous for i dunno how many time.. go grab!!