bedroom for two..

bedroom for two memang 100% minimalist concept, not what i initially planned for, serious u know i wanted white, i wanted soft pastel lovely color and deco sweet2.. but suddenly ala ala gothic pulak? hehe.. anyhow i love the simple deco to the max, tak berapa typical bedroom for pengantin or i can say mcm bilik biasa je but i love it anyway.. 🙂 ill share the prop used.. serious to the minimum u can ever think of.. maybe not even a single flower pun akan wujud except for petals.. some more i dont have so much pressure to deco cos recep will be held at dewan so those who are close to me yang akan tgk bilik, and 1 more i need SPACE to accomodate my besties semua and not to feel so congested.. mahu ruang untuk bertenag.. whoah! another 4 days to go.. berdebar!

butterlymini auto-publish..


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