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package for krabi honeymoon

August 31, 2010
ini package yang kitorang amik masa pegi krabi. i buat presentation special interactive with picture. haha. on the real stories during our krabi honeymoon will be updated later. ini special entry memandangkan matta fair bakal tiba minggu ini. kan? okay we went to krabi for our honeymoon and many are asking so i just write this for u. this is on how we booked, what was the activities, hows the hotel and stuff literally.

we secured tickets last year with air asia zero fare and follows by a search for ground package. we went to matta earlier this year, refer to this entry not knowing what to expect, i think ashylla once mentioned there is thai tourism board, so we went all hall searching for it, but at first hall offers was tempting. really. around 350+ u can get hotel/activities for 3D2N, most of package is 3D2N, we wanted 4D3N, some can tailor to our preference, some are not. but just to remind all of this are agents. all of them. im not sure hows the layout of coming matta. but the first hall we entered last time was all agents and krabi package was everywhere. but dont settle down so fast. ull have alot of choices just check around dulu. and preferably move to international hall.

then we went to international hall then got agents as well. then terus ingat takde krabi punya booth ke. then jalan2 rupanya bit belakang. so masa tu banyak hotel under krabi tourism board booth. those i can remember ialah sunda resort (zara stayed here during her honeymoon) la playa (aurinh stayed here) the small (sis hotel of la playa) aonang princeville (sabby stayed here), somkiet buri, banyaklah so u have choice. a lot. and we went to each hotel and dapatkan infos. then masa tu compare2 yang mahal was la playa & the small and sheraton if im not mistaken. paling mahal among all la. but i dunno if its too mahal. so we went to somkiet buri and princeville then the package mcm tak berapa nice. cos masa tu they just offer 3D2N and no package for 4D3N and by taking 3D2N package they ask us to add 1 additional night. pening mcm tu.

then move sebelah ada agent. aonang travel & tour co ltd. dekat booth dia kitorang borak2 then ada package. which is quite nice sebab dia mmg buat 3D2N & 4D3N terus with activities per day. and hotel they offered was aonang princeville and somkiet buri. and lil bit diff from what other hotel offer to us masa tu. so we settle down with this package with this hotel.

so heres the package:-

halal package krabi thailand 4D3N

[price of 560 RM/ pax include everything published in this entry]

day 1 (1st day):

pick-up from airport
with hotel shuttle jalan2 krabi town on the way to hotel
check-in hotel (welcome drink & scented wet towel)
room for two (honeymoon arrangement)
*follow by free & easy at own cost

day 2:

breakfast 1 day tour phi phi by speed boat, bamboo island, phi phi, maya bay & viking cave. snorkelling, swimming & beach activities

lunch provided at phi phi island.
room for two

*follow by free & easy at own cost.

day 3:


1 day tour 4 island trip by speed boat( chicken island, tub & poda island, phranang cave) or 1 day tour kayaking at ao-thane with lunch provided.
room for two.

*follow by free & easy at own cost

day 4 (last day):

transfer by hotel shuttle to airport for departure
lil bit of aonang princeville. 1st thing first hotel ini ialah muslim owned hotel so ia adalah HALAL so no worries on food and drinks. aonang priceville located in the middle of aonang street. infront of aonang beach. it was so convenient for us and for everyone who stays there. jalan keluar from hotel u can just turn left or right for immediate shopping booth. kedai2 jual souvenir just depan tu je. keluar simpang aonang princeville. 1 min walk from hotel lobby. tho it is so nearby with kedai and stuff the best thing is aonang priceville belakang dia hutan. and reception and restaurant sebelah je hutan. so ull feel both environment. hutan and chaos.

aonang princeville they have in-house spa which is recommended. swimming pool bersih and quite big considering tak ramai org. front office staff, restaurant stuff, spa staff and housekeeping stuff in short hotel staff sume baik baik belaka. very warm and always ask if u need anything and such. co-ordination between hotel and tour co who handle for island tour also good. they pick us at hotel lobby. send u back to hotel. i would say this hotel is highly recommend aonang princeville for those who plan to vist krabi for honeymoon. and if ure lucky. i guess everyone insya Allah will get the same. they will upgrade u & spouse to honeymoon suite. the price that we paid was actually for superior room only. in which i bodek the agent to give us grand deluxe which quite big juga and masa sampai suprised sgt when they upgrade us to honeymoon suite. ill write more in honeymoon entry. too many things. hehe. till then.

[my package: price: 560 RM/pax (1 March – 31 October)]
price 850 RM/pax (1 Nov – 19 Dec, 11 Jan – 31 March)
price 900 RM/pax ( 20 December – 10 January)

butterlymini bargain all u can during low season πŸ˜‰


make-up session with ayang kamell!

August 30, 2010
[gambar adalah kategori tidak rasmi & credit goes out to jedah & myself] sesi mekap took place at quality hotel, jalan raja laut, belakang sogo sahaja. we book dengan harga yang murah. online. kenapa quality hotel. i tot at first to have it (mekap session) at rumah. tapi ayah kata risky. op juga kata benda yg sama sebab susah nak estimate kesesakan lalu lintas dekat setapak. so we opt for hotel. cari yang murah je cos malam tu we both not staying in. (baca betul2 not staying in even tho dah nikah, haha) saya & adlie balik rumah masing so bilik 0. membazir kalau amik hotel mahal2.we were rushed sebab that morning still got some stuff to do and most importantly my white inner that suppose to be worn with baju sanding dah misplaced. sumpah aku hilang arah that morning then i picked up my phone and call ana, asked if she have white inner, in which i know she def have it, nasib pick up my call even awal pagi masa tu. selesai. mandi. pakai legging and green long button shirt. siap. harassed pak supir (elang) and angah. off all of us to quality hotel. naik vintage car lagi. haha. adlie went there separately as he need to pick up his pengapit. we met there both of us! and sangat cranky call adlie banyak2 kali, he never pick-up, then give up ask jedah call him sampai dapat. nada. nil. lepas tgk2 dia muncul. i wanted him to buy plaster. takut kaki melecet. last2 dia dah sampai. hmm. then i said lah. but its okay. in the end tak melecet pun. i wonder why kaki memberikan kerjasama yg baik! πŸ˜‰ thanks kaki!

and earlier arrangement with ayang kamell we suppose to meet at 10am. then i smsed ayang i said we start at 9am. sebab from hotel to dewan is 20min then nak check-out bla bla. tolak masa2 kesuntukan especially org yg mcm i susah nak handle itu ini so 9am. but masa pagi tu dengan mcm2 i sms him we meet there 930am. he was okay with it. sorry ayang! serious tak sengaja. then rush2 sampai jugak quality kul 9 but kene la get ready semua. so by 930am sharp ayang kamell sampai. kecut okay. haha. my first time mekap dgn someone soooo well known. ada rezeki. ada yang cakap membazir. but i take it as experiencing great things in life. and it was in the end worth every penny. alhamdulillah. even if ppl wanna bables me for this let them know that for the price ive paid him if i staggered to another 30 years. i paid like how much je per day. mcm worth la. rather than tak cantik u regret it kan.

muka yang suci dari mekap. sempat saya & jedah camwhore sebelum ayang sampai. camera kakak besar punya yang saya buat harta ke sana sini. haha. tq angel! jedah sama naik sheikh bersiap walaupun dia pengapit je? haha. hey kenalah lawa. tp kurang sikit dari saya kan awak? hehe.
ayang kamell sampai! doorbell actually rosak. so dia sms. nasib perasan sms. hehe. ayang kata: hye i dah depan bilik 1402 (tingkat 14 ko i duduk) ni. yay! laju2 bukak pintu. haha.
banyak barang2 dia. ayang tanya what is my make-up fantasy. haha. i said i just want a sweet look. again & again & again. i never tired of it cos thats the only look i can pull. haha. im not that pretty. so kene sweet sweet so baru boleh nampak lawa. ape punya teori ntah. haha. but itulah suka sweet je.
okay. saya nervous disitu. itu muka yang pucat serta tiada seurat(?) mekap pun. [keadaan kulit semasa kejadian] pucat & tidak bermaya serta ada dark circle dan eye bag besar dan skin yang sangat kering. jerawat takde yang major. normal small pimples mcm rashes ada sikit dekat dahi.

ayang kamell mekap lembut sangat. suka tau!
inai kaki homemade. haha.
omg kening sumpah sangat nipis, tak berapa keen but masa nikah feena potong sebab semak! i wish i didnt do trimming for it. but have to.
ayang ada bulu mata yang cantik and sangat simple. and it is not the usual bulu mata. this one is from kain (kain kot dia kata). not plastic he said. point taken.
texting while waiting.

kita tido jap. because his touch was sooo lembut, was soo tak terasa and it lulls me, lullaby, haha, sampai terlelap. haha. percayalah mmg lembut. each stroke was enough for blending stuff but dengan lembut. mcm mana ntah dia buat.

shading time. oh shading2 i cakap dekat ayang no need so much shading. shading was so yesterday. haha. takdelah. ini my preference la. i dont want to look so tirus hidung tu when i daily life i dont even have it. propa je lebih. so he took it and less shading for me. very very less pls.
adlie boring!
almost fin. 2nd spread of spring water. ayang said my skin was a bit dry in which i think it was super dry. haha.
dah siap! and waiting for pakai baju semua. and ayang yang siapkan. he didnt do mekap je. ALL included. from baju, kain, tudung, sanggul u name it ALL. and he was QUICK. buatan yang kemas lagi. we wasnt rushing, ample time but yeah he was quick and lepas tu dia siapkan adlie for the price of my session only. alhamdulillah. i do ask him aritu if he can pakaikan sampin adlie. itu je i request. but ayang siapkan adlie almost all. dengan pakaikan base kat muka, wax rambut. banyak la dia buat.
what i love the most is my EYE BAGssss was invisible. ya Allah that was what i cherish for on having ayang kamell. masa nikah it was sangat2 obvious cos i was in a way demam, not enough sleep, and funny enough the nite before sanding saya & jedah we sleep quite late juga. sebab sampai rumah from dewan is almost 2am. the kemas2, siap sume. kul 3am tido then by 630 dah sibuk2 bangun.

and i also love the light color for eye brow. kening! not to light but def not black. warna perang2 mcm tu haha. oh rossa wannabe was me that day! haha rossa kan kening dia selalu light color. love it as ayang did it for me.

and ayang dia terima all my request as in i wanted less shading for nose (tak kuasa shading kuat2 sangat, hehe) sweet look but natural, not too thick and not to change my existing look as i just want him to enhance not to change. and know what even after thick layer of base and foundation he applied rasa sangat okay, found that i instantly fall in love with the makap. the first glance i take. normally i find it hard to accept this kinda mekap. mekap2 for events ni cos normally it look soo thick but there was an exception with his touch definietly!

he also handle me well. as he try to make me like rilek sikit la beb. haha. nervous mak tau mekap dgn dia.

okay got so much to write and my face after make-up, but soon? i have to cover on adlie part as well. tot of combining. tak sempat. publish this first! and ill share later hows the mekap look like masa pukul 9 malam, ahad 1 ogos 2010. till then.

butterlymini lega i made a good choice!

ini kakak besar!

August 27, 2010
semua tanya. hihi. okay this is kakak besar yang cantik. ok dah. bai. oh she was my ‘mak sementara’ dekat meja makan beradap, how cool is that to have this pretty pretty ‘mother’ hehe ;’)

butterlymini love her soo much!

mas kahwin & nota lafaz nikah

August 25, 2010
okay untuk kali keseratus, u guys know my pretty pretty kakak besar (yang juga mak sementara yang sangat muda kepada saya, haha) yang deco hantaran saya, in which kebanyakan ideas adalah ad-hoc, spontaneous using whatever sources, yang dah dibeli and wireles tidak dimatikan langsung sepanjang preps and semasa majlis so boleh la cari2 idea sikit2 dalam internet. and to tell u the truth i mmg tak tahu nak deco duit mas kawin mcm mana, bila nak buat baru nak fikir, hehe malas la takde idea, teruk kan! nak diy tp malas nak fikir.

not to say adlie was considering between nak bagi myr80 or lebih sikit, i asked lebih sikit actually, sebab i thought of getting something like a small and petite love pendant with that money, kalau pun tambah lagi sikit, so in the end proceed with myr200. so nak deco i chose myr100 note. so ada 2 keping je. easy to manage. dah la duit mcm agak lama. luckily kakak besar ada satu note baru and boleh la try2 buat yg satu lagi note tu. but all credit to her. tq soo much for doing this for me! do it yourself mmg best, haha! lepas khatam kakak besar started la tgk2 brg sume, what to do and sampai part mas kawin, i know im giving her hard time pasal takde benda, idea that i have in mind, nak buat something simple tapi tak tahu, then i said wanted mcm bunga bunga. then i remember bout amirul’s blog. show her his page on mas kawin sebab suka dia buat bunga dari duit. so suruh kakak buat the same except she came out with idea balutkan dekat roses. so this is my mas kahwin la in a bouquet style. cuma masa nikah tu dah layu sikit. sad 😦 but i love it. suka sangat sangat sebab simple and lovely.

and this is the notes for lafaz nikah. wrote by ayah personally. tu la tulisan dia yang comel tu. haha. nice one but lafaz nya tu ada problem. if u see. suppose tak ada aku terima nikahNYA, and dekat mas kawin kena ada NYA, dengan mas kahwinNYA. kalau tak salah la and that NYA tu buat lafaz nikah jadi kelam kabut. and kadi tu mcm tak reti handle and did not heard properly then dia tanya eh ada NYA tak. ure the kadi u suppose to hear. oh bad bad. later cerita la okay. haha. and tanya nawal & yaya yg ada. if they heard la. tak tahu nak kata lafaz keberapa adlie buat. sebab adlie ada salah and ayah pun ada. but its okay. comel je pun salah nya. haha. yang penting dah sah lagi sahih.

ayah: saudara adlie bin mohd ali, aku nikahkan dikau dengan anak perempuanku nurulhuda binti abu bakar dengan mas kahwinNYA dua ratus ringgit tunai.

adlie: aku terima nikah nurulhuda binti abu bakar dengan mas kahwinNYa dua ratus ringgit tunai.

angah & paklong as saksi: SAH!! (haha)

ok dah bai. (nawal kata) pastu yaya kata oi bencilah. lynda mgu depan br ada reply dari dia. haha. pastu masa sanding sempat borak dgn acik & husband pasal ni. atas pelamin lagi pasal NYA NYA ni. tq acik.

oh lupa nak bg esaimen. bride to be sume pegi buat skrip nikah (credit to nawal) haha, buat, proof read, counter check, reconfirm especially NYA NYA tu. amboi bridezilla sungguh. bakal husband nak lafaz nikah, bride to be yang buat skrip. haha.

butterlymini NYA tu sangat penting okay?

order simple wedding guestbook dari saya!

August 23, 2010
due to the many request by readers, im now taking orders for wedding guestbook from jinson. oh telah femes jinson di sini. haha. BUT there are exceptions. the orders will only be for wedding guestbook that is similar to mine (without alteration or additional decorations or design) changes applicable only for text (for font, wording and size) pretty much as simple as what i had on my wedding day. u can refer by clicking this link my wedding guestbook. if you’re interested to have it for your wedding day please email me at for further details. kindly email me. dekat komen i takut tak sempat moderate.

butterlymini thanks πŸ™‚


August 20, 2010

excuse the darkness and the unintended blur effect. tak sengaja. gelap sungguh gambar gambar tak tahu kenapa. dan ini je yang ada. dekat pic kawan2 ada but upload from my own first lah to be fair. xbanyak camwhore dengan guestbook ini. kerana guestbook super kelewatan. petang jumaat day before nikah baru dapat. siap tinggal dekat office reception sebab tak dapat nak meet up. dan kelewatan disebabkan diri sendiri. my vendor is my colleague. org ada printing company maka kita tolong la sebat dia. harga is harga kawan kawan. haha. bila dah kawan kawan mulalah terhegeh2 nak suruh buat. last minute. padahal salu jumpa. design wise simple gila simple. color putih sahaja. malas nak semak otak. haha. its just that pages tak berapa nak cukup! i hate you jinson! buat la lebih sikit. boleh dia ingat guest i 300 je hello. haha. dah la sume seronok tulis satu muka surat sorang. haha. nak nak marker pen pulak ayah letak. seronok ya. haha. but had fun reading all those silly silly wishes like this one in particular! yay!

pls click to membesarkan

oh ini teaser je (teaser pakai ss punya page, suka tak? haha), full coverage on wishes, advises, soothing words and such will be updated soon.. suka sangat baca, like million times baca, 1st night pun baca balik guestbook boleh? haha. bride to be sila buat guestbook, ull love it to the maximum.

butterlymini saya suka!

tentang bunga rampai!

August 19, 2010
eh tiba tiba entry bunga rampai? anticlimax tak? haha. semalam tak sempat nak buat entry yg heavy2 la. sorry. so bagi yang light2 dulu okay for today? pun tak berapa light. ada pengisian dia. begitu. masa wedding i aritu hari rabu dah start buat bunga rampai. maklang pun dah ada jadi maklang membantu. and most importantly. i need the spirit only bunga rampai can offer me. haha. ayat nak gempak saja kan!
okay resepi u might want to visit xora’s blog on her bunga rampai entry. xora ada resepi dia yg complete. tq xora. i pulak cuma buat jenis sempoi in which ada daun pandan and bunga kertas pink je pun. tu je ada dari kebun2 kecik depan rumah ni. nak dapat bunga kenanga ape sume was difficult especially duk area bandar ni.
and thank you so much dear azian, yang telah last minit! haha last minit okay inform that i salah beli air mawar untuk bunga rampai. i jugak yang salah sebab last minit baru nak up entry air mawar tu. haha. meh ketawa ramai. mmg pakai air mawar ni tak naik bau sangat pun. dah try. sangat kecewa. bukan seperti bunga rampai masa akak kawin yang i masih terbau2 sampai hari ini. last2 petang rabu beberapa hari sebelum bernikah i pegi jalan tar seorang diri (pegi lagi jalan tar) pegi kedai yg sama, gigih ni, aku tauhu kedai new maliga ni mesti ada juga, pasal dia jual india stuff semuanya, hug new maliga, masuk2 je terus nampak lotion patchouly, depan2 kedai je, yay! kalau ada azian kat situ sumpah nak hug dia kuat2! ape lah org kedai tu aritu i dah tanya untuk bunga rampai siap tanya org tu tunjuk air mawar yang salah tu.. so bila pegi lagi n jumpa yang lotion patchouly ni terus bukak penutup, bau, yes mmg ini!

oh okay dimana kedai new maliga? tau tak balai polis masjid jamek yang kecil tu sebaris mydin, balai polis ni sebelah gerai2 makan yg ada ikan bakar tu tauhu tak? (yaya dalam ingatan) so kalau tauhu kedai new maliga belakang balai polis tu, deretan kedai belakang balai polis, besar dia tulis nama kedai dia new maliga, sebelah money changer juga.

oh ya lupa, selain new maliga, kedai india lain lain nya pun pasti ada, cuma kene tanya & cari yang mcm lotion patchouly ni. kat little india klang, penang ke, mana2 lah okay.

harga lotion patchouly ni rm4.90 mmg boleh pakai atleast kegunaan 10 kenduri or more i guess.. mmg byk & bau dia kuat & wangi.. tak payah pki byk2.. tapi inilah dia minyak bunga rampai, mmg ada ditulis depan botol ni untuk kegunaan bunga rampai.. wangi!

bunga rampai i digunakan untuk letak dekat bilik pengantin (paling utama) sumpah i rasa nak kawin jam jam tu jugak, rasa tak sabar dah.. haha.. then letak sikit untuk dalam rumah, then i buat bunjut2 mcm gambar kat atas untuk bagi jemputan muslimat masa khatam quran, then untuk merenjis masa sanding.

tapi ape pun in my situation selain support that i received from my dear family, ss yang dtg membuat kejutan di rumah seawal hari rabu petang okay (syg korang) bunga rampai mmg betul2 bg i moral support yang terbaik (exaggerate gila huda, haha) sebab tauhu kan seminggu nak kawin i demam lahang so tak ada rasa langsung nak kawin, give up nangis nangis nak bunuh diri lagi ada.. so bila ada bunga rampai rasa sungguh bersemangat & rumah pun terasa suasana nak kawin.. tak tipu!

terima kasih kepada pihak yang terlibat, mak (pegi cabut daun pandan banyak banyak), maklang, mak senab, maklong (semua telah potong bunga rampai gila gila banyak) azian (bgtau lotion patchouly) diri sendiri (beli lotion patchouly dan pisau lipat bukan pisau lipas berharga 30sen) kakak besar (deco bakul) jedah (yg tak berjaya cari lotion patchouly di kuantan, dia duk kuantan okay, spy spy ure jedah) terima kasih! saya sungguh terharu, terima kasih!

butterlymini i ada lebihan lotion patchouly, sape nak? nanti pass pass sesama korang adakah okay? hehe

photoshoot with bridesmaid!

August 18, 2010




heading to tasik titiwangsa shortly after my post nikah indoor photoshoot for a photoshoot with my dear bridesmaid, laurens! yay! know what i left adlie on his own at my house , makan dengan op (sangat rock) while im out with my laurens, haha, ofcos mintak izin, he allowed me to go on with my stuff and i said to him later ill met him again cos we need to pick-up key for our room at quality hotel, so many commitment to be done..

i only have around 1 hour plus to spare sebab got so much to do lepas tu, so we went to tasik titiwangsa, quite near to my house then.. panas, and kerengga masuk kain kb, hihi.. lecak2.. but layan.. and love this to the max!

camera credit to aleen’s nikon & kakak besar’s canon, official photographer elang, co-op jedah and myself and laurens! tq guys this is def for me to remember for the rest of my life, love all of you so much! alhamdulillah, punya teman seperti kamu kamu!
butterlymini who’s next? cant wait..

post nikah indoor photoshoot, unofficial

August 18, 2010

again this is unofficial, after we came back from post nikah photoshoot tengah2 panas kat masjid continue amik gambar dalam bilik, it was a quick one as well.. as per my last entry on bilik pengantin, dalam gambar2 di atas ada damask stand lamp and carpet bulu putih yang dipinjamkan oleh rina satu lagi something borrowed on my wedding, tq rina! pagi2 tu sampai carpet, hihi.. masa ni sangat tired, rasa nak tido je, sebab quilt itu sangat lembut, but dont be a gross, banyak aktiviti lagi kene execute lepas tu, non stop.. till then..
butterlymini i love you!

post nikah outdoor photoshoot, unofficial

August 16, 2010




just a sneak peek for post nikah outdoor photoshoot right after selesai nikah and amik2 gambar dekat rumah, siap tak makan pun terus keluar outdoor, was a quick one btw, and this is ofcos unofficial one sebab tu semua gambar2 mata pun tak pandang lens from this camera, for this session ini from kakak besar’s canon, diambil oleh my bro elang.. πŸ˜‰ masa ni panas gila gila and a ride with the vintage car was a lovely moments.. cuma tak sempat deco je lagi..

fact: masa wedding ada 2 dslr official from my family side yang sentiasa without failed mengikuti pergerakan, one is kakak besar’s, one is abg edes’s, photographer was everyone including me myself, kak ya, elang, angah, jedah, bos.. semua orang jadi photographer bertukar2! and cos of this i have quite number of pics captured for every events.. alhamdulillah, thank you to both of you for the ‘something borrowed’

butterlymini pics je dulu, write up kemudian..hehe..