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♥ finally..

December 31, 2009
2010, oh here we come…

butterlymini the best is yet to come…


♥ Petite Touch Promotions for 2010

December 31, 2009

sticky post for 48 hours, please scroll down for my new entry.

As for now ive booked both make-up artist for solemnization and reception, and im in the midst of finalizing potential photographer, and the generous package includes pre wedding portraiture. And for the photoshoot of course I need a simple makeup for it, so ive started to think who im going to have for our pre wed photoshoot.

I keep on searching until bumped to this site, petite touch @ you can click the link or the banner as per below.

When I browse thru petite touch blog I immediately fall for the touch, every faces looks natural with a fresh look, and knowing myself I really love natural makeup, the less is better, for me. And I believe many of us do love natural make-up as well.

Currently, petite touch is having a promotion for 2010, suitable for any event, from dinner party, convocation, engagement and wedding!! real bargain and worth the money, not to be missed!! The details for promotion are available at She cater any style for make-up according to your preferences, enhance the natural beauty plus she will try to lessen the flaw so in exchange u will look flawless!
In order to deliver 100% satisfaction to clients, petite touch strictly use makeup from very reputable brand, her precious gear are from Bobbi Brown, MAC, The Body Shop, Naturactor, L’Oreal, Krayolan and Derma Color and what more can u ask right? The best brand line up for you and will make you turn gorgeous.
And the best part which I save for the last paragraph is petite touch is now…………. looking for 10 lucky beautiful lady for a free makeup giveaway!!!! Make sure u’re one of them!! With just a simple step and u are eligible for that giveaway, and it is for **FREE… (Applicable for those who are in Klang Valley, Selangor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan) u can leave hida a comment saying that ure interested to join in and she will check around to see if ure qualified to join in, scroll down for the giveaway entry in petite touch blog!!
Lil bit of the person behind petite touch, Hida, she is a young mother with a heart full of passion for make-up and she’s very friendly, very easy going. So with such a great promotion, free makeup giveaway and a talented makeup artist what are u waiting for, grab now!!
For more information u can drop by petite touch blogspot @

** Terms and condition applies

butterlymini tq Hida..

♥ diy bunga manggar..

December 30, 2009
cara membuat seperti blog kak shaja, ada beberapa org juga yg buat, alena (senyap2) hehe, alena buat lain sikit kan, and ada sorang blogger tak ingat link dia and zila juga , cara buat dia senang je.. lawa jugak, saya sekarang cuma buat bunga jek banyak2, cantum2 kat batang dia kemudian.. and petals ni agak mahal kot ke murah, kat nilai beli 100 keping rm7, ntahla tak compare terus beli je.. n ingat nak buat satu benda lain selain petals, nak campur.. tapi kene try dulu.. rasanya match.. 🙂 buat pun boleh ralit, aritu sampai kul 4 pagi buat, layan titanic kat tv2, sedih sangat.. pastu sambung layan cite ghostrider, pasang astro sambil buat kerja kawin ni mmg best..

butterlyminisaya cuma diy some stuff, yg saya minat nak buat, kalau tak minat saya tak buat, kang sekerat jalan jek..

♥ petua tak tahu berguna atau tidak..

December 29, 2009
semalam pas keje we went to see photographer lagi, musim cari photographer.. so i just want to share with u guys this one petua, nak dijadikan cerita photographer itu wife dia orang jakarta, so ini petua org indonesia bagi mengelakkan hujan semasa wedding day, saje nak berkongsi petua org sana.. kalau kita kat malaysia kan baling baju, mcm azian buat.. org kata baling warna yg terang2 mcm merah, kuning, oren.. tapi ini suka2 je lah kan, hujan tak hujan ketentuan yang berkuasa..
memula ambil cili merah..

lepas tu bawang merah..
pastu cucuk bawang merah kat lidi, then cili merah..
pastu cucuk kat pasu depan rumah.. itu sahaja..ada lagi dia share petua baling panty bersih kat bumbung, hehe, weird..
butterlymini terpaksa petik gambar kat blog org, but i gave a proper credit, sila click pada gambar kalau berminat, hehe.. i will reply all comments asap, sorry jiwa terusik sikit plus got some stuff to settle.. and i need to give outline for wedding card lagi, kalau tak designer tak bergerak..

♥ im sorry…

December 29, 2009
“Our lives are frittered away by detail; simplify, simplify.”—Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

butterlymini i know i could have made things simpler..

♥ majlis khatam quran

December 28, 2009

did not plan to have one, but previously ada la cakap dengan mak pasal khatam quran, rupanya dia mmg ingat dah confirm, so I guess that’s it, there will be a simple khatam quran ceremony and yassin recital.. actually belum pernah officially khatam quran mcm ni, just habis baca mcm tu je masa mengaji so i think the best is to have the ceremony on friday before my nikah on saturday, thats what mak’s thinking as well, so its almost final that im going to recite quran with angah back to back for the ceremony.. berdua lebih baik kan, share surah sume 2 org, hehe.. seram aku! and all provided saya bersih pada hari itu, hehe.. expedite la kan menses ape lagi and coming january i should start a strict routine reciting ayat ayat untuk khatam quran cos so much things to revise balik, yelah my reading is not good, banyak mistakes and benda tu penting to take care semasa membaca lagi2 baca depan org ramai and depan ustaz, but should be okay lah kan.. mak said kalau tak yakin boleh wakil kan kat ustaz? yeke boleh? means we recite as he recite the surah.. tiba2 rasa tak yakin..

butterlymini salah satu reason kenapa saya kene siapkan semua benda cepat, so tak kelam kabut ngan mcm2 benda last minute..

nad nazira’s wedding..

December 27, 2009
im so sorry, i did not came back from her wedding anyway, but i just received an mms from her at 9+am!! oh nad, i terkejut, i tatau nak kata apa and i terus nangis, sebab i sangat gembira.. i was super anxious on friday nite on my own, i send her 2 sms, did not dare to call her, i know shes busy with stuff, hehe and then i waited for her last entry as bride to be blogger, i know there gonna be 1, she did post something, freaking few hours before her solemnization ceremony, worth the wait, for me..
and yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!! arini dapat mms pulak.. nad, u look stunning, u look manis, u look berseri2 and u look sooo different in my eyes, tu yang i nak tgk sangat2 sebenarnya, sebab nad kalau tgk in person she’s very very natural.. this is the mms, courtesy of her, tak puas tgk, i immediately transfer the picture to laptop so i can see her clearly, anyhow the mms is enough!! sangat happy..
pengantin baru, cropped, resized and edited laju2 by me, official pics with color shall follow from her, cos this is mms kan, ntah2 nad tak bagi upload, suka sukiiiiiii jek aku upload.. 🙂 sorry nad, i tak dapat menahan diri ini.. hehe..nads mms end with this sentence, waiting for your turn.. my turn ye? sumpah i tak sabar dah nak kawin! hehe..
to nad, it is a super duper hugeeeeee dissapointment to me, i didnt get the chance to hug u tight on ur big day… 😦 nad, selamat pengantin baru to you and anuar.. selamat pengantin baru, selamat pengantin baru!! and dont you forget, u suppose to start wearing all those sexayyyy night gown u’ve stock up.. hehe.. i sangat gatal kan? but whos not going to be gatal when it comes to pengantin baru like you.. hihi..

butterlyminikiree and fasha i know u guys went to nads wedding kan, please post some pics.. tq!!

♥ 3 in a row..

December 25, 2009


seharian, btw candid syndrome itu satu yang sensasi kan, will publish later, penat! the visit to cs may be used as a guidance for others, and we did not hire them for sure, tidak, we just went there to discuss and see how things, and i spoke to ex cs in the middle of early morning, udey the madmonkey.. tq for your super fast response, neither cs or ex cs i can afford at this moment.. it was nice actually talking to people who photographed wedding moment, somehow they understand u best.. in the most important moment in your life..

butterlymini bagus juga selesaikan awal, serious.. tenang je rasanya..

♥ nikah checklist

December 25, 2009

1. date : 31 julai 2010, +/- at 11.00am
2. yang akan bernikah, nurulhuda ♥ adlie
3. tempat nikah, insya Allah home sweet home.. but still subject to kadi’s request
4. theme color : pink, purple and white
5. pelamin nikah
6. outfit, me to buy kain + for veil, adlie’s kain to send for tailoring asap
7. official photographer
8. make-up
9. accesories
10. catering
11. canopy, table, chair scallop and stuff, together with caterer
12. table centerpiece, diy
13. simple favors, confirmed, ayah to arrange with supplier
14. hantaran : can check hantaran checklist
15. handbouquet – with Rass
16. official bridesmaid – belahan jiwa ku jedah
17. must have bridesmaid – beloved laurens, 6 of them if all can make it,
18. bunga rampai (banyak2)

butterlyminito be continued…

♥ Misc Checklist

December 25, 2009

1. cat bilik, will be pastel purple, off white or white
2. survey 2 white stuff
3. pomander ball ingredients, need bigger ball
4. survey crystal dangling or pearl dangling
5. beli kain baju melayu untuk immediate family plus extended family
6. decide color for family
7. stair deco, kena beli kain and ribbons and flower
8. cari bulu mata palsu yang innocent for majlis nikah
9. reserve empty boxes kat office
10. cadar, comforter set
11. take care skin, 3 step atleast
12. annual influenza shot due in july, execute by june
13. simple room deco as per plan!!
14. song selection, double confirm the format to be given to dj
15. deco for alang rumah & tangga, ayah to drill the paku, me to show where
16. pack old baju’s/stuff to giveaway
17. survey place for outdoor after nikah, and after recep

butterlymini ini list yang bakal jadik panjang, unnecessary stuff pun nak letak, aiyoo!