honeymoon destination

cerita pasal honeymoon, masa study dulu saya sangat fanatic when it comes to reality tv series mcm survivor, amazing race, america’s next top model, segala series tu lah, and one of my favourite is TARA, the amazing race asia season 1, the first season kan yg menang team from malaysia, jo jer and zab! and specifically dalam tara 1 masa leg 8 race took place dekat thailand, guess kat mana… KRABI.. haha anyone dedulu watching tara 1 as well? masa tu 2006, ingat lagi tak? i remember krabi sooo much from leg 8, mmg cantik (tapi tv punya version la, youtube ni sangat buruk, tak tahu kenapa) mmg amazing and it was like love at first sight.. here episodes from leg 8..

ada chicken island and long tail boat..

ramai blogger yang dah pergi with soo much review on it. sabby, zara, and ada lagi, cant remember. thanks for the information. 🙂 and tq to cheap & chic airlines ♥air asia..

butterlymini lovely!


2 Responses to “honeymoon destination”

  1. mysarah Says:

    u are going there? best best best 😉

  2. faratul Says:

    tau psal krabi mase tv3 cover utk pengacara jemputan nona ..tp xingt taun bile.setiap contestant g diff pulau. mase tu gileeee cinta kat krabi!

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