huddy’s bachelorette dinner! ♥


huddy itu saya, hihi.. another nickname.. oh they throw me light dinner and simple celebration at 7atenine ascott kl, it was a simple one yet fun and memorable, makan2 then proceed with camwhore.. no dirty games no nothing, glad okay! hihi.. everything from attendees, foods, decos was great! & soon gonna meet them on my nikah then my sanding! lots of pics from yesterday yesterday night.. 🙂 tq aleen, kb, yana, le’a, mien & cha u guys are sooo ♥ly.. pics credit to aleen & her superb gear!

and some of beautiful words (or should i say reality bite words or is it too much? haha) for bridal shower that i just love to read, its from my blogger mate’s blog, cass love it! tq so much for posting.. 🙂

butterlymini less than 2 weeks to go..


14 Responses to “huddy’s bachelorette dinner! ♥”

  1. syanaim Says:

    ::bestnyer dear..u buat kat ner ni?tetiba nasya pun teringin mcm ni..hahhaha::

  2. Cik Atun Banyak Nama Says:

    bestnye ade bachelorette party.. ^^

    the deco and colour scheme were so nice!! Hot pink ngan black memang mengancam.

  3. BuTtErFlyInFraMe Says:

    wahhh dh xlama dah huda!!!!

  4. Ryehanna Says:

    Huyoo… bestnye wehhh…

    btw, got ur card today! thanks!

  5. A W E E N N Y E Says:

    Smakin hampirrrrrrrrr

  6. harzharun Says:

    best seh!

  7. Cik Belle Says:

    aww! so sweet and the place pon lawa eyh! hye huddy! hehe

  8. akudandia Says:

    wahhh..bestyer huda..u almost there! …sker bace link pasal bridal shower's a good dose for someone like us ..ritee

  9. Nurulhuda|Adlie Says:

    syanaim, 7atenine restaurant, dekat ascott hotel, near klcc, cantik tempat dia.. 🙂

    atun, glad have gud friends like them! aah pink n black sgt hot! hehe..

    alena, sangat la tak lama dah okay! haha..

    rye, best! haha.. selamat dah kad, nanti kalau takde hal dtg ok dgn me cc, tapi dia sailorman kan that week?

    awn, huk huk, sangat hampir! dup dap..

  10. casper Says:

    nurul wah bestnya ada hen's sweet of ur frens…well thank u for the links.act banyak lagi advise tapi panjang gler..kita pun tumpang sekaki jer..utk kegunaan masa depan…hahahha…

  11. ReYNa Says:

    kelessss ko.bestnye.ku xde laa mcm ko parti ayam2 nih,.xde org pon.huhuh.cantik pink+black.:)

  12. Karen Yaacob Says:

    Huda…sgt BEST ok!! :)) less than 2weeks now dear.. Gulp!!

  13. hazlynda kushairi Says:

    hapdet kat garden? nak tgk gak! JELES. ahhh diam lynda.

    weh, less than 2weeks. dup dap dup dap dup dap dup dap jahat aku nih.

    all the best kak long!


  14. .:Mrs. Engineer:. Says:

    wa…besh2… 🙂

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