frim! trick or treat..

okay, ni bukan entry bergambar pre-wed i, hihi.. i know ive posted 1 pic je for my pre-wed, actually i just got malu la, haha.. so i just cerita this okay for your guys info, okay kitorng amik gambar dekat frim on morning session, so the thing is kalau nak amik gambar dekat frim u need to pay myr100, its normal procedure, any dslr u bring in especially for photoshoot mmg kena, or else kene saman, haha.. so what did i do, i called up frim then tanya then dia kata i just can pay that myr100 at the guard house, but last time i heard kene buat surat la ape la, so on that day i gamble, je we arrived before op, then i walked from parking lot to the guard house, i said to the guard i wanna bring in dslr beb, camne? haha.. pastu dia kata cik ada buat surat to office? celah mana pulak ni.. i know surat2 ni mesti dia tanya, pastu i said ive called the office la, they said just pay the myr100 here.. so he said oh mcm tu, then bila dia tanya since u have called the office so no need to pay la huh .. are you serious? happy gila! im myr100 richer la hari ni, haha.. i pun, haha org dah bg free buat ape nak argue.. kenapa frim where i need to pay and stuff, read till my last sentence..

blah masuk amik gambar, amik2 gambar tetiba guard besar lalu and panggil, n kata, hey ape ni dslr dslr ni.. okay cik, i takut! pastu dia kata i nak tengok what have u paid and show me ticket, aku pun mak ai, aku dah la tak bayar op punya dslr ni, just paid for car and org je, mampos! kalau kene saman.. duh.. sekali i showed him la, ada bape ringgit je, ive paid like myr15 for everything, camera, kereta and org.. pastu dia pun kata okay u dah bayar, amik la gambar, aku pening, pastu dia kata guard kat depan tu curik duit, so he wanted to know if we have paid ke tak, and dia tak tanya where the letter for the camera or any proof that i can bring in, whoahhh! serius cuak masa tu.. cuak sangat2! but it went well, so i know i can share this with those who have planned to go in nak amik gambar, u may adopt my style yang gamble ini in order to save that myr100.. u just said u have deal with office, they said no need to pay and maybe la lepas masuk, haha.. okay any action made are at ur own risk, i just share okay? hihi..but i think ada gak bawak masuk selamba je, but if im not mistaken mcm illegal la, maybe akan kena saman ke ape.. since they are protecting the flora and fauna inside frim.. 🙂 and oh, why frim again? sebab we went to frim on our first date, (read first date, haha) back in 2004.. how many years have passed since then.. fuh.. arent we excited to come back for pre-wed, omg excited like seriously! 🙂 and alhamdulillah rezeki tak payah bayar.. and i doakan for u guys too, in doing all the necessary preps for wedding semoga semuanya dimurahkan rezeki, amin..

butterlymini ok i dah bg 2 gambar, esok bg lagi ok? tapi tak janji, hihi..


5 Responses to “frim! trick or treat..”

  1. casper Says:

    more pics please!!!!

  2. NahWaL Says:

    HAHA comelnya kak huda!! HAHA (gag). but comel pasal ko amik pre wed dekat situ. malam tadi boleh plak aku mimpi aku buat pre wed jugak.

    semalam mak aku kata, buat apa buat outdoor? nak amik gambar kemah ke? HAHAHA. adeh. puas la explain outdoor tu gimana ghupe. HAHA

  3. ReYNa Says:

    more pics plzzzzzzzz?????

  4. Mrs.Qarlista Says:

    heyyy youuu..mane cukup letak sekeping jeeeee. nak lagi.lagi.dan lagi.hehe

  5. I AM ME Says:

    apsal frim pnye rules mcm tunggang langgang jek..klako plk bace..huhu…weh..air mawar tak beli lagi!!mggu ni bz!!wawawaaaa!!!

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