guys, u can read this, but u cant comment.. sorry okay, i will enable comments for my next entry..

ive pull away the entry, reason why? do i have to explain? well i just don’t understand why do you have to be in the middle of other people stuff? did i mention your name here at the first place? i soo don’t know what ticks u off since this is nothing about you at all, nothing at all, and if there is any resemblance of you in it, i take it as ure hallucinating or disoriented maybe? its not u, it is merely an expression, not in any way related to anyone..

and u have to remember, if readers are commenting or relates u in any way, that will falls under their responsibility, tho i thank all of you for supporting tho u dont know the real thing or what.. i am fully aware of my writings are based on the real event, no additional stories are made, im done as i wanna focus about my preps n such, my readers are all adult, i never ask anyone to comment/to counter/to do special entry.. i have said what i want to and im done.. no comments are allowed this time, since obviously only we are the one who know well about this kan?

butterlymini u can have the limelight if u want.. take it..


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