card kawin, and bout something else too..

many things happened this past few days, yester student have just started their final, and gave headache, and tengahari masa exam acu call kata pakngah got soo sick, then i call ayah, and many others to inform, then lepas maghrib ayah balik ipoh, alone, as bos got kawad so mak kene stay, then i tot i wanna tag along, tp ayah takut he might stay there few days, so i stay home je lah.. then ayah sempat pakukan a place for me to gantung2, then i take over, then i was paku-ing the hook and ayah termarah saya.. huu i guess he went serabut pasal pakngah.. i was like eh bukan bengkok pun if i paku the hook.. hmm.. 😦 sob sob, but he was serabut yesterday, dinner makan pun tak habis..

then since tak ikut ayah, malam dah ada benda nak buat actually, dalam pukul 9 me & adlie, adlie dah la meeting sampai lewat semalam, we went to selayang height, miss home, to meet faez ilikecard, yay! rumah faez is sebelah je from our house, then paling best atas rumah kandar, my cousin, huu sume nak satu kawasan, πŸ™‚ samples are ready, our kad kawin! surreal okay bila tgk.. kad for my side and adlie.. and guess what? i met rose, how do i know rose, she mail me and at first she tot im working with art and design company, which is yes but in edu line, so she need help to find a suitable place for her to do the printing for her wedding card, masa tu i belum jumpa faez, then dah jumpa and know that she can do printing suggest dekat rose, then lama juga tak contact, tetiba baru2 ni rose email me back cakap card dia dah siap and print dgn faez.. so she send me one of her card, cantik sangat2 and this week friday dah nak nikah, congrats rose.. πŸ™‚

and this is our card, takde color, haha, but can guess one kan? that sweet2 pastel2 color, and serious buat card dengan faez is super duper highly recommended, the printing is very very sharp, especially on the map and walimah details, meaning soo sharp & kemas bila tgk all the wording sume.. tgk sample pun dah gila happy and puas hati, but ofcos with some amendments to be done, sebab dah print baru nampak here and there boleh add some more, pasal aritu dah rasa congested sangat since card sekeping je.. she off for a month starting today, honeymoon kan faez? πŸ™‚ dah amik card and muah muah faez & rose we went makan, masa makan pun i cant stop talking bout card, envelope, even the design is the existing she have in hand but we like it soo much.. no regret..

on the other hand semalam whole day tak online, then i received an email from jaja radzwan, sumpah tak percaya, hehe, she asked whether we have met before ape sume since i have her link at my sidebar, and she is soo polite and sangat nice in her email.. oh ya, jaja ialah pemekap kakak besar masa nikah and sanding last year december, thats where we met before, and ada few blogger and non blogger mail me bout her, one of them is sumpit, sumpit ape url u? huuu aritu i baca ur blog but lupa nak add in mine, sumpit mail me about jaja works, so i gave her few pics of kakak besar masa big day and dinner.. and ask her to mail jaja personally, jaja did wonder to kakak besar lastime.. dalam site jaja more on commercial but she also did bridal.. make-up and hairdo as well.. πŸ™‚

butterlymini fuh, preps are getting intense..


8 Responses to “card kawin, and bout something else too..”

  1. faratul Says:

    nak tunggu for the full pic of the card! reben tu kne bukak dlu eh baru dpt bace content?? beshnye!

  2. rose razak Says:

    hy huda….hehehe sgt x sangka kan.. jodoh pertemuan kita tu dipercepatkan.hehehe :>

  3. cik yaya Says:

    oke.suka kad tu!
    on ym lah syg.daku rindu T_T sobs

  4. harzharun Says:

    yang!….i nak kad tu!(ahh, mmg aku x malu mintak dijemput ke weding ko pun)…pink eh?..huda & pink kan xdpt dipisahkan..hehe…

  5. A W E E N N Y E Says:

    adakah anda akan pos kad ini ke kedah?

  6. Nurulhuda|Adlie Says:

    fara full pic lama lagi, hehe, taklah tak payah buka reben, just tarik je kad tu ke atas.. πŸ™‚ haa nanti buat dgn ilikecard juga okay? πŸ™‚

    rose, itula, masa faez kata rose pun ada, i dah kebetulan betul, dapat la jumpa kan.. kuat jodoh tu.. jumpa pulak kat rumah faez, lagilah.. πŸ™‚

    yaya, ko kalau tak suka ko bukan yaya, hehe.. sayam, student exam ni, pening haku tau!

    harz, i wll send it to u, sebab wedding u pun jemput kan, snagat tak baek kalau tak jemput tau dr gigi kita ni, hehe.. ada la sikit2 pink, haha.. mesti ada jugak color tu..:)

    awn, kedah here i comeeeee!!!! (card yg come) hehe

  7. My Journey Says:

    i pun buat card dgn faizah..even though this time ada change of plans sikit..but i still love all her work..and would def recommend her to everyone…

  8. Nurulhuda|Adlie Says:

    sab, u pun dengan faezah kan, oh i heart urs too, simple and sweet, agree, highly recommended!!

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