my other half and 3 more!

(my other half) yesternite went out with adlie, he was super hungry, was super sleepy, was super tired, but i usually like his tired face, love it but strange! we went to thaibase, sri damansara having dinner, mee kari & tom yam mihun.. last nite adlie need to settle his insurance, and im joining the account as well, leaving the previous one, for something better.. 🙂 getting married involves lots of commitment thus we are now doing our best to prepare stuff before settling down soon.. and someone told me infront of him that he is a responsible person, and i should know him better, yes i do and that person said i should be the one yg garang, and he should be manja, due to the nature that im the eldest he’s the youngest.. yeke? hehe.. thats how she perceived the relationship between us tho i hardly know her..

(3 more) and later today im meeting soulsister on a wedding occasion, ida yusuf wedding, hari ni for the 1st time im meeting nawal (sudah jumpa yaya & lynda) nawal will meet me & yaya (sudah jumpa lynda) lynda will meet yaya (sudah jumpa huda & nawal) yaya will meet lynda & nawal (sudah jumpa huda) aih pening pulak duk fikir sapa dah jumpa sapa, lol! insya Allah hari ni semua boleh kawtim.. hehe..

butterlymini sleepy..


7 Responses to “my other half and 3 more!”

  1. A W E E N N Y E Says:

    what insurance?
    PRUDENTIAL is the best =)

  2. faratul Says:

    waaa..beshnye jumpe geng2 blog! enjoy!!

  3. ♥ Fasha ♥ Says:

    eh lawa pulak tengok gambar bunga kat bawah tu letak kayu-kayan bagai. tak jatuh ke kak?

  4. sk Says:

    ala huda.. korang sume pegi wed idayusof eh. i was there too.. tp tak nampak korang!! 😦

  5. hazlynda kushairi Says:

    SK, tapi tibe agak lewat. jeng jeng. tunggu cerita dr nawal HAHA =p

  6. NahWaL Says:

    sk>nanti update! LOL! ada cita kelakarlah! we arrived late, for sure tak jumpe u. patot mintak ur numbe that day. next b2b ok?

  7. sk Says:

    huda, lynda & nawal,
    orait2.. penat tau study gambar korang sblm gi wedding tu.. hahahhaha..

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