♥ makan…

sesudah tak jadi discuss pelamin we went straight to upm, meet chee sang there, adlies friend, drop by to give him something, then went to makan.. almost 12pm already.. i dont even have breakfast tau yesterday sebab apt awal kul 10 kan.. even nak terkucil on da way pun tak stop sebab takut lambat.. duh! how commited we are with the janji..

its just a small restaurant, i thought besar, belakang hostel uniten, simpang after the round about and after those goreng pisang stall.. very famous..adlie, he promised me this nasi beriani gam putrajaya rasanya sudah 2 tahun.. hehe, lama gila.. akhirnya tertunai semasa hari yang tak best semalam.. nak beriani ayam masak merah tetapi belum siap masak lagi, sebab awal, see we’re crazy people yesterday, awal2 pagi dah keluar.. wasted then we went to the start, singgah kk home deco buat payment.. he suggest that on 2nd payment after this boleh suruh mereka start engrave terus.. and i asked for kk home deco member card, sudah dapat.. n now ada promo, buy 1 free 1 for member.. then balik…

butterlymini hari ni makan nasi beriani lagi, at azian’s wedding, update later.. sudah draft, give way to this entry first..


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